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Building a Revenue-Generating Email Program

RKD’s email program produced:


increase in revenue from email


increase in gifts from email


raised from email alone

Focusing on email-based fundraising efforts

As a new client, St. Mary’s Food Bank wanted to leverage RKD’s expertise in digital marketing and food bank fundraising to create a new digital program focused entirely on generating revenue from email marketing efforts.

Using strategic tactics to increase sends

First, we started by improving their direct mail-themed emails by using language that spoke more to the donor. In addition, RKD also created two award-winning digital-only campaigns for #GivingTuesday and 31 Days of Giving in December. By increasing segmentation and using strategic tactics like re-sends and faux forwards, we were able to send 20 more emails than the previous year’s campaign total.

Major revenue growth

By increasing the focus on their email program, St. Mary’s saw an email-specific revenue growth of 85%, with 284% more donations through email than the previous fiscal year. The two digital-only campaigns brought in more revenue than all the previous year’s email campaigns combined.

St. Mary’s Food Bank is truly a community-based organization. Individual donors, corporate donors, and private grants help feed hungry individuals and families in the area. Serving nine of Arizona’s 15 counties, St. Mary’s is committed to volunteerism, building community relationships and improving the quality of life for Arizonans in need.