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RKD Digital is a division of RKD Group, a leading fundraising and marketing services provider to hundreds of nonprofit organizations. RKD Group creates breakthroughs never thought possible.


Strategy & Creative
nonprofit digital strategy and creative

Data Drives Our Decisions

Most companies will try to wow you with digital strategy that is all promise or with cookie-cutter creative that isn’t data-proven. That’s not RKD Digital.

We’re a data-driven marketing company. That means there’s insight behind our digital strategy and creative, pulled from every piece of data we have. Our in-house digital division combines imagination with analysis to make an impact on donors.

An Award-Winning Approach

To build and grow an omnichannel marketing program, you need messaging that generates mission-based support. We map donor journeys using the right channels, the right visuals and the right messages to hit the right audiences.

Behind every digital ad, every email and every social media post is an integrated, omnichannel approach that ensures the donor receives consistent branding and messaging. That’s why RKD has won more than 170 industry awards in the last five years for creative and strategic excellence.

nonprofit digital strategy and creative

Strategy in Action

We develop a range of messages to determine which are the most persuasive to potential donors. These motivating messages are “single-minded” on their own, but they weave together a persuasive narrative when linked.

Our goal is to take the facts and emotional truths about your organization and prioritize their importance to different potential audience groups. The communication pathway, from awareness through familiarity to trust, is then enhanced by common touchpoints in their own lives.

nonprofit digital strategy and creative

Innovation is in Our DNA

We proudly pioneer new ways to serve our digital clients and their world-changing causes. Check out some of our work below to see how we’re helping nonprofit organizations create breakthroughs never thought possible.

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