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Holiday Catalog Re-work Boosts Growth

RKD ran a competitive analysis, leveraged the learnings and developed a package that led to:


increase in catalog revenue since 2009


only increased in expense budget


catalogs produced per year at minimum

A holiday catalogue plateau

Save The Children USA’s holiday catalogue had previously enjoyed several years of growth but had begun to plateau. RKD Direct Point was challenged to boost growth in the catalogue and reach new levels of revenue and segmentation expansion. In 2008, we became the Agency of Record for STC’s Gifts of Joy holiday catalogue. In this role, we provided overall strategic direction, creative design and print-production management for the new and improved catalogue.

A new online and offline approach with corresponding communications

As a part of the solution, we produced catalogue versions for donor acquisition, house-file cultivation and mid-level donors. This included product selection and development, original photography and video assets and graphic design elements.

Catalogue revenue increases 5 times

Today, STC’s catalogue revenue is five times higher than in 2009, with only a 50% increase in expense budget. Currently, we produce a minimum of five catalogues each year across a variety of segments, which include regular, middle, sustainer and emergency-acquired donors.

Since 1832, Save the Children (STC) has been on the ground providing support to the most isolated and underserved children in rural America. From the earliest days in Appalachia – helping children and families hardest-hit by the Great Depression – to today, their U.S. team goes where others cannot.