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Growing a Revenue-Generating Digital Media Program

RKD implemented a digital media program that brought:


increase YOY in donations


increase in revenue YOY


gifts in FY 19

Proving Digital Media Effectiveness

When RKD first approached them with the idea to build a digital media campaign in 2016, St. Labre Indian School was unaware of the impact this channel could bring to their organization. RKD initially tested different forms of media to prove the effectiveness of digital media and showcase how much of an impact it can make on nonprofit organizations.

Steady Growth

RKD put their digital media plan in action. They tested channels and platforms such as paid search, display, and Facebook to increase SLIS’s awareness and raise more donations. With the help of these different digital media channels, SLIS could see an increase in gifts and revenue.

Increase in Awareness and Revenue

Over the course of three years, donation results increased dramatically as RKD implemented and maintained new digital media channel tactics. They saw drastic increases in their awareness, revenue and donations overall.

St. Labre’s mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Catholic tradition by providing quality education which celebrates our Catholic faith and embraces Native American cultures, primarily the Northern Cheyenn and Crow Tribes, so that Native American individuals and communities of Southeastern Montana are empowered to attain self-sufficiency.