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Awareness and Engagement with Native Ads

RKD implemented a traffic-driving campaign that brought:


engaged sessions


click-through rate


total donations

Increasing Reach and Site Engagement

The American Bible Society needed a new strategy to improve upper funnel tactics. By increasing reach and site engagement, we would be able to meet their prospecting and awareness goals.

Native Advertising

Native advertising was the best solution for two reasons, they are great traffic drivers and allow you to target specific audiences.

Using their current audience, we were able to target similar demographics to find the ideal potential donor.

Finding New Donors

Our engagement focused strategy generated 5,297 sessions with a high average session duration of 18:59 minutes. Because of the targeting and placement capabilities of native advertising, American Bible Society was able to reach not only a new audience, but the right audience.

American Bible Society works nationally and globally to provide God’s written word to places that wouldn’t normally have access. Through translation, distribution and ministry partnerships, American Bible Society aims to see 100 million people engaged with the Bible in the next ten years.