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Building New Audiences with Native Ads

RKD Group built an awareness campaign that brought:




click-through rate


engaged sessions

Increasing Website Engagement

American Kidney Fund faced two major challenges. The first was finding a way to increase share of voice and their reach. Second was increasing engagement on their site. These challenges told us that we needed to develop prospecting and awareness campaigns.

Native Advertising

When properly placed, Native Ads can drive large amounts of traffic to the clients site. Native Ads are appealing to viewers because they follow the same content form as the page it is placed in and do not disrupt the current content on the page.

Increase in Engagement & Awareness

By building new audiences with Native Ads, American Kidney Fund increased engaged sessions and obtained an above average CTR of 0.25%. This is in large part because Native Advertising brings new users to the site and keeps them there for a longer duration compared to other channels. An excellent awareness and engagement tool.

The American Kidney Fund is the nation’s leading non-profit working on behalf of the 30 million Americans with kidney disease. Our mission is to help people fight kidney disease and live healthier lives. They complete that mission by providing a complete spectrum of programs and services.