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Holistic Approach Boosts Annual Match Campaign

RKD created a multichannel year end strategy that brought in:


direct mail gross revenue


increase in average direct mail gift size


email gross revenue

Expand Year-End Match Campaign

St. Labre Indian School had been conducting year-end match campaigns via direct mail since 2012. Each of these campaigns have been a successful way to raise money during the critical year-end time frame. RKD decided to take expand the campaign’s success by turning it into a multichannel marketing effort.

Implementing a Multichannel Strategy

The team at RKD created a holistic, multichannel strategy for this campaign. The team creative on digital and media creative to spark a sense of urgency for the donor. Multiple versions of the package were delivered to segmented direct mail audiences, each speaking specifically to donor types. The matching gift opportunity was made very prominent by emphasizing graphics and text like “twice”, “double”, and “2x” throughout the message copy, subject lines, display ads, and website assets.

Successful Increase in Revenue

St. Labre reached their overall goal of increasing revenue for all channels. The direct mail results provided great success with an increase in gross revenue from $1,611,459 to $1,659,723. Digital was received very well overall. $78,908 in gross revenue was brought in from the homepage lightbox. The email campaign also brought in $38,850 of gross revenue.

St. Labre’s mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Catholic Tradition by providing quality education which celebrates our Catholic faith and embraces Native American cultures, primarily the Northern Cheyenne and Crow Tribes, so that Native American individuals and communities of Southeastern Montana are empowered to attain self-sufficiency.