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Google Ad Grants Support Disaster Relief

RKD Group rapidly implemented a disaster relief campaign, which resulted in:


calls to the organization





Supporting Disaster Relief Needs

In 2017, the Hurricane Harvey flooding resulted in mass evacuations, and many found themselves in need of water, food, clothing and other nonperishable essentials. Houston Food Bank distributed these items to shelters in and around Houston to assist in disaster relief. Due to the sudden increase in demand for food assistance, the organization needed to generate awareness for their services, raise funds and recruit volunteers quickly.

Optimize Google Ad Grants

The Houston Food Bank was advised by RKD Group to rapidly optimize their Ad Grants account to capture the increased search interest surrounding food needs, donations and volunteer opportunities related to the hurricane.

Optimization strategies included updating branded ad copy, creating a Hurricane Harvey specific campaign and implementing sitelinks. Conversion tracking data allowed the organization to understand the direct impact of their Google Ads in disaster relief efforts.

Boost in Donations and Awareness

The Ad Grants account efficiently generated awareness and connected those displaced by the hurricane with the organization’s resources under urgent circumstances.

Implementing optimization strategies to maximize the impact of Google Ads during the disaster was critical to driving donations, recruiting volunteers and raising awareness quickly. RKD Group’s strategic management of the Google Ad Grant enabled Houston Food Bank to better support their community during the crisis and has been featured as a Google Ad Grant success story.

The Houston Food Bank is a solution to both hunger and food waste, distributing 122 million nutritious meals through its network of 1,500 community partners in southeast Texas and feeding 800,000 individuals each year.