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Digital media campaign targets prayer requests

Our disaster relief optimizations resulted in:


increase in new donors year over year


year over year increase in mass requests


of sessions in April led to donations

Digital acquisition efforts amid COVID-19

Before COVID-19 impacted fundraising efforts across North America, RKD had a goal to increase the number of new digital donors acquired for SMA in 2020. But, due to the spread of the pandemic, we knew digital acquisition efforts would be impacted.

New messaging addressing the crisis

RKD quickly edited our media creative to collect prayer requests for those with health concerns. There was no hard ask associated with the messaging. After submitting a prayer request, the donor was taken to a thank-you page, which gave them the opportunity to “Request a Mass.” This timely message was implemented due to the number of churches closed because of local shelter-in-place orders. RKD also implemented a welcome series aimed at donors acquired during the disaster with the goal to convert them to the cause once the crisis has passed.

Increase in digital acquisition

Our digital efforts paid off, breaking through the noise of COVID-19-related messaging circulating online. SMA reported that they were seeing web results they typically only see during Christmas. New donors for the month of April were up 51.01% year over year and mass requests rose by 53.32%. During the month of April, 66% of all sessions led to donations.

The Seraphic Mass Association (SMA) is dedicated to supporting Capuchin missionaries around the world. They invite ordinary Catholics to participate in the mission work of the Church by their prayers, interest and concern, and financial support for the Capuchin missionaries and the people they serve.