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Award-winning digital strategy increases revenue

RKD’s strategic digital program resulted in:


growth in overall online revenue


increase in email revenue


increase in number of gifts through email

A digital program only supporting direct mail

Utah Food Bank had done several digital campaigns internally in the past. However, they were only utilizing digital tools to create companion emails for their direct mail program. Aside from these emails, they felt the need for a more intentional strategy for their existing digital program.

Robust digital strategy

In FY19, the food bank moved to a more robust digital program, including a defined strategy, emails, lightboxes, and continual reporting. In conjunction with their existing companion emails, RKD created exclusive, digital-only match campaigns for Hunger Action Month, #GivingTuesday, and EOY giving.

Diversified campaigns bring in major revenue boost

Our diversified approach to their digital strategy generated record-breaking digital revenue and two award-winning match campaigns. Utah Food Bank saw a 25% growth of online revenue and a 34% increase in the number of gifts at the end of FY19. Lightboxes, a new feature for the food bank, generated more than $56,000 from 191 gifts.

For over 115 years, Utah Food Bank has stayed true to their objective of serving those in need throughout the state. They work tirelessly with community partners and volunteers to continue making an impact and fulfilling their mission of “fighting hunger statewide.”