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Optimized Google Grant lowers CPA

RKD’s Google Grant optimizations led to:


additional donations YOY


increase in CTR YOY


decrease in CPA YOY

Extending reach with Google Grants

Food Bank of Delaware’s goal was to increase their digital marketing efforts. They wanted to explore additional ways they could get the word out about their organization to the public. Previously, they were relying on funding from their donors to support their digital marketing efforts. The food bank was approved for a Google Grant account, which allowed them to extend their reach while still having enough funds for other operations. They turned to RKD Group to help allocate their grant money toward their digital marketing goals.

Optimizing tactics to reach goals

Their main goal was to acquire donations so they could ensure that hungry mouths were fed. RKD worked with our technical team to track donations to allow us to optimize this goal. Through monthly maintenance, expansions and reporting, we were able to ensure that their Grant money wasn’t spending frivolously while still driving donations.

Lower cost-per-acquisition

The results were impressive. In 2018, RKD was able to optimize Food Bank of Delaware’s Google Grant spend toward their conversion goals. Our work resulted in 76 additional donations year-over-year and a 74% decrease in cost-per-acquisition.

The Food Bank of Delaware, a member of Feeding America, is a statewide nonprofit agency whose vision is a community free of hunger. The Food Bank’s mission is to provide nutritious foods to Delawareans in need and facilitate long-term solutions to the problems of hunger and poverty through community education and advocacy.