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Disaster optimizations help lift conversions

Our disaster relief optimizations resulted in:


increase in conversions


lift in clicks


rise in impressions

Drastic rise in demand

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Connecticut Food Bank saw a drastic increase in demand for its services. The food bank needed a way to reach more donors and provide updates to those in need of food. Their Google Ad Grant account was already maxing out their allotted daily spend.

Additional pandemic funding from Google

Through RKD’s relationship with the Google Certified Professionals Community, we were able to help Connecticut Food Bank apply for additional funding during the pandemic. Although they were already maxing out their spend, they were approved to receive a 50% increase to their daily spend budget.

Increase in conversions

Between the increase in spend and the disaster relief optimizations made to the ads, Connecticut Food Bank saw a 2,127% increase in year-over-year conversions. Clicks rose by 671%, and impressions increased by 406%.

“Having a Google Grant has allowed us to quickly connect our community with the resources they need, whether it is searching for help from a local food pantry or donating to the food bank to help support our neighbors who desperately need assistance.”

-Paul Shipman, Senior Director, Marketing, Communications and Government Relations

Founded in 1982 in New Haven, Connecticut Food Bank partners with food retailers, growers, donors and volunteers to source food and distribute it through a network of community-based programs. Nearly 270,000 people in their service area are food insecure; more than 79,000 children struggle with hunger.