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Creating a giving day pays off beyond revenue

RKD’s custom giving day landing page resulted in:


in revenue in 3 days


gifts in 3 days


votes for programs

Create a giving day

SPFB wanted to create a custom giving day to promote during Hunger Action Month (September). The goal was to raise as much revenue as possible, with a secondary goal of figuring out which programs donors were interested in supporting.

An interactive landing page

We created a custom giving landing page, built on the Donor Marketing Cloud (DMC) platform, that allowed people to “vote” on which program they wanted to win the Giving Frenzy by donating. This served two purposes: 1) gifts were not restricted as they were not being made for a specific program, and 2) the food bank learned more about what people were interested in.

A success for donations … and data

This campaign was the first time the food bank had created their own giving day, so all the results were new to them. Creating this campaign on the DMC allowed for data integration with their Salesforce CRM, where people’s “votes” were noted as their interest areas. The food bank will also use this data to influence their marketing efforts moving forward. For example, the nutrition education program did not receive a lot of votes; SPFB realized they need to market that program more.


The South Plains Food Bank (SPFB) is a humanitarian organization dedicated to serving West Texas by providing those who experience food insecurity with a helping hand. As a subdivision of Feeding America and Feeding Texas, SPFB has a mission to alleviate hunger and give hope to the hungry.