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Converting digital disaster donors

Converting disaster donors into hybrid donors

The Salvation Army California South Division has been very successful in acquiring donors during disasters. Through disasters like Hurricane Harvey and the California wildfires, the Division acquired about 4,000 donors. However, in order to ensure that these donors continue to form a lasting relationship with The Salvation Army, we needed to target them with unique messaging to convert them into hybrid donors.

Drawing in the second gift

By targeting the list of disaster donors with tailored messaging and media we hoped to inspire them to give an additional gift and form a relationship with the Salvation Army. We ran a series of ads with messaging asking the donors to help rebuild the lives of those in their communities, leading them to the donation page and asking to them give outside of the disaster space.

Forming a relationship with disaster donors

Our media campaign converted 8% of the donors who had previously only given to disaster response and had not made additional donations in more than 13 months. By reactivating these disaster donors, immediate direct revenue was produced for general support to The Salvation Army California South Division.

For more than 130 years, The Salvation Army California South Division has provided services and hope to those in need from San Luis Obispo to San Diego County. The Salvation Army’s history of public service dates back to 1865, over the years it has since evolved into a social service provider of unmatched scope and breadth – delivering assistance to those in need without discrimination.